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Christian Mentoring is a dynamic, intentional, voluntary relationship of trust in which one person (mentor) enables another (mentee) to develop both personally and spiritually. These relationships may look different and haven different areas of focus, but all revolve around the Mentee reaching their own desired goals.

Be Mentored

If you would like to be mentored or like more information please contact hello@thec3.uk

The Mentoring Course

The Mentoring Course is a dynamic and interactive training course, subjects covered include Biblical basis, different forms of mentoring, listening and questioning skills and action planning.   

The course is open to anyone who would like to explore how they can become a better mentor. Whether mentoring is something you are interested in or you have been relationally ‘mentoring’ for years this course will be beneficial to you.

Upon completion those who have indicated a desire may receive an invite to join the C3 Mentoring Team.

For information on the next course contact us at hello@thec3.uk or at 01223 844415.