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Stewardship Ministry – inspiring generous living

At C3 we are committed to seeing advance in the generosity of our people, the vision for our stewardship ministry comes straight from our core vision and values:

‘The church we see is concerned for the poor and known for its generous giving and help towards those in need, giving beyond the call of duty in time, energy, commitment and money.’


‘We value generosity.  Generosity reflects God’s nature. He is a generous giver (John 3:16). Our heart will follow where we place our treasure (Luke 12:34) and thus we encourage people to give of their time, treasure and talents to C3. Giving to those who can never repay us is a way of life required of all God’s people. Justice for the poor and giving to the poor are essential concerns for all Christians (Proverbs 29:7 & 28:27).’

We believe that discipleship is key to shaping a generous culture, as we assist people in applying the biblical principles of stewardship to all areas of their life.

For further information email: hello@thec3.uk or tel on 01223 844415