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A Life Worth Loving

Who is the course for?

This is a course designed to equip people to develop healthier relationships.

Course content and format

The programme consists of 4 segments that are taught over a timeframe of 10-12 weeks. It is a life-changing course designed to help equip people to move into healthier relationships in a more positive and effective way. By understanding one another better we can develop more fulfilling relationships.
  • Identity – Learning about who we are and what parts of us we have hidden away from others and thus from ourselves. How do we become ‘real’ and bring the whole ‘me’ into relationships with others and ourselves?
  • Connecting – How to connect in a healthy way and actually change the nature of the unhealthy relationships we may be involved in at present
  • Responsibility – How are we assuming responsibility in our lives for ourselves and in our relationships and contributions into the lives of others? Participants are given opportunities to learn new ways of identifying what they are responsible for and how to appropriately move into and participate in situations and relationships
  • Personal Authority – Skills are taught that enable participants to assume personal authority and to use that wisely in life as they make positive contributions into the lives of those around them

Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Cost:  £10
Venue: C3 Centre

For further information email hello@thec3.uk or tel on 01223 844415 to book a place.